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4-11/01/18, every night, 20:30

Music for the theater play: "Suitcase Packers", by Hanoch Levin

Music is performed live by Amit Weiner

Nissan Nativ Acting Studio, Tel-Aviv (Israel)

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China Tour:

14/03/18, Wednesday, 16:00

Composition Masterclass

The Central Conservatory of Music, Beijing (China)

15/03/18, Thursday, 18:00

The concert "Music in Times of Tragedy"  as pat of the International Holocaust Remembrance Day events

Organized by the Czech and Israeli embassy in Beijing

Lecture & Piano: Amit Weiner

Concert Hall, Czech embassy, Beijing (China)

16/03/18, Friday, 19:30

The concert "Eternal Love"  of sacred chanting in Chinese, Sanskrit, Persian and English

Voice - Lixin, Traditional flutes - Wu Ti, Piano - Amit Weiner

La Plantation Theater, Beijing (China)


15/04/18, Sunday, 20:00

The concert "Notes of Hope"  as part of the 70th independence day events of Israel

​Amit Weiner as musical Producer, arranger and conductor

The project was initiated by the Jewish National Fund (JNF UK) with the Italian musicologist Francesco Lotoro

International Convention Center, Jerusalem (Israel)

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Watch the videos from the concert:

The song Lu Yehee performed by Shiri Mimon

The song Years of Childhood performed by Nathan Datenr and Yaacob Bodo


16/05/18, Wednesday, 17:00

The concert "Voices of the Heart"  produced by Idit Krimolovsky-chopin,

Lilach Krakauer and Amit Weiner

M.A. composition students at the Jerusalem Academy of Music and Dance

composed new compositions especially for children choirs from all over Israel

YMCA Concert Hall, Jerusalem (Israel)

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25/07/18, Wednesday, 17:00

World premier to the Symphonic piece "Ifugao: The People of the Hill" 

The piece is finalist of the 2018 Banaue International Music Composition Competition

Vanue TBD ,Manila (Philippines)

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