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Welcome to REWIND: The Musician's Podcast!

How To Grow Your Music Career

An optimistic podcast that will help you in your successful career in music!

Hey! I am Amit Weiner, I’m a composer for film and TV, and I’m on a mission to help musicians find career opportunities and help musicians find their way in the huge world of the music industry!


This podcast aims to demonstrate the diverse income streams available in the music industry, featuring a range of guests from various music-related fields.

If you've ever doubted the financial potential in music, this show is here to prove otherwise!

REWIND: The Musician's Podcast

is available on:


And there is also the blog!


REWIND: The Blog for Musicians



After many years of people turning to me with numerous questions, I've taken the exciting step of launching this blog to provide you with even more valuable insights:

- Uncover the secrets to building a successful music career.
- Navigate the world of earning an undergraduate degree in music.
- Dive into the captivating realm of music for films and trailers.
- Discover how a degree in music can be a ticket to financial stability for composers.

I'll be delving into the intricate world of composition studies, musical arrangement, and offering an in-depth exploration of music for video games, libraries, and films. 

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Who Am I?

I am Prof. Amit Weiner , a composer for film and TV and pianist, proudly leading the cross-disciplinary composition department at the globally recognized Jerusalem Academy of Music and Dance.

I’m on a mission to help musicians find career opportunities in music and help musicians find their way in the huge world of the music industry.

Student successes include GRAMMY Award, awards at international film festivals, positions as composers and arrangers at startups like Artlist and Simply, and contributions to Hollywood productions like Thor: Love and Thunder, and top-tier video games like Starfield.

With two decades of active composition experience, I find immense joy in teaching and sharing my knowledge and experiences.

My music is published by Universal, Sony, Warner, Megatrax, and more and I have received the Prime Minister's Prize for Composers in 2022.

I'm confident you'll not only enjoy but also find immense value in the content! Feel free to reach out with any questions.

And a small request from me to you:

If you resonate with what you read and believe it could make a difference for others, please share it with friends or acquaintances interested in the field. Help them gain clarity, deepen their understanding of the music industry, and explore exciting career opportunities in music!

Watch the podcast on YouTube:

Ep. 1 - The Overture: Amit Weiner Unpacks Rewind’s Musical Mission

Ep. 2 - Game Changer: Mason Lieberman’s Score to Success in the Tencent Universe

Ep. 3 - GRAMMY Awards Winning Composer Sharon Farber, on How to Compose Music for Film

Ep. 4 - Jeff Beal, Composer of House of Cards, Five Times Emmy Awards Winner

More episodes available on Spotify and Apple Podcasts:


If you have any question, or you want some advice on your musical career, feel free to reach out, and we'll hop on a FREE 30 minutes career advice from me!

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