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Amit Weiner - composer

Amit Weiner - List of Works

The links are for YouTube recordings of the compositions

2018       Ifugao- The People of the Hill, 15:00 minutes

Large Orchestra, written for the Banaue Music Competition 2018 at Manila, Philippines

2018       As Time passes By…, 10:00 minutes

A piece in two movements for Tuba and Piano

2018       Ancient Echoes of Psalms, 12:00 minutes

A piece in three movements for Saxophone and Harp

2017       Alternating Echoes, 10:00 minutes

Concertino for solo percussion and a symphony orchestra

2017       Memories of Jerusalem of Gold, 7:30 minutes [Link to video]

A composed interpretation for the Hebrew song "Jerusalem of Gold".
For voice, piano, clarinet, violin, and guitar

2016       Rage Against the Piano, 6:30 minutes [Link to video]

Concerto for piano and a chamber ensemble – Picc, Ob, Cl, Bsn, Trp, Hn, Perc (2 players), Pno, Strings.

2016       In the Land of Oz, 8:00 minutes [Link to video]

A suite for two orchestras and a narrator. For a Children Orchestra, ages 5-14 years old, and a professional symphony orchestra

2016       Fleurs du mal – Flowers of Evil, 4:30 minutes

Piano Trio – Vln, Pno, Vcl.

2016       Anagrams [Link to Anagram no.1 & Anagram no.2]

A cycle of 12 pieces for solo piano, written between 2008-2016

2015       Suite For Viola and Piano - Songs of Hope, Sorrow and Frenzy, 13:00 minutes [Link to video]
Viola and piano

2015       The Story of The Pied Piper of Hamelin, 10:00 minutes [Link to video]

Flute (Muta in Alto Flute and Piccolo) and Piano

2014       At the Gates of Jerusalem, 11:00 minutes [Link to video]

Oboe (Muta in English Horn) and Piano

2011       Scenes from a Life of an Anti-Hero, 40:00 minutes

Concerto for Piano and a large orchestra

2011       Folk Songs, 8:00 minutes

Viola and Piano

2010       To Be a Note, 9:00 minutes [Link to video]

Two songs For Children Choir and Ensemble (text by Miron Izakson)


2010       …Und After Babylon, 12:00 minutes

Chamber Orchestra and Live Electronics

2008       3 Piano Miniatures for four Hands, 5:00 minutes

Piano – four hands

2008       What Does a Bird Care for Hanoch Levin, 15:00 minutes [Link to video]

Mezzo Soprano, Piano, and 2 Percussion Players (text by Hanoch Levin, collecting words by Amit Weiner)

2007       Follow the Sea, 7:00 minutes [Link to video]

                Children Choir, Piano, and Percussion

2006       Jerusalem Lights, 13:00 minutes [Link to video]

Concerto for Clarinet, Piano, and Chamber Orchestra

2006       The Storyteller – 100 Years of Solitude, 8:00 minutes

Orchestra and a Narrator

2004       Ready - Made Concert, 5:30 minutes

Electronic Piece

2002       The Very Last Thing, 11:00 minutes

Speaker and Violin solo (text by Hanoch Levin)

2001       The Rain, 16:00 minutes

                Mezzo Soprano and Piano (text by Israel Pinkas)

2000       If This Is a Man?, 11:30 minutes [Link to video]

Alto and a String Quartet (text by Primo Levi)

1999       Fantasia, 10:00 minutes
               Violin and piano

1999       Prelude, Fugue and Ostinato, 12:00 minutes

                Solo Piano

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