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About Amit Weiner


Israeli-born Amit Weiner grew up as a concert pianist, and as a classical composer. Classically trained, and with a flourishing international career as a composer of concert music, music for film, trailers, TV and other media, Amit Weiner is active in a variety of musical fields - as a composer, pianist, arranger and producer.

His compositions, arrangements, and music for films and TV have been performed, recorded, and broadcasted across the United States - including New York's Carnegie Hall, and in England, Japan, Vietnam, Malaysia, Nepal, Ireland, Israel, Austria, and Hong Kong and Macau in China.

With music for two feature films, writing music for libraries in Europe and the U.S, two piano concertos, works for orchestras, and chamber and vocal ensembles, Weiner divides his career between the classical world and the popular.


Dr. Weiner is a senior member of the faculty of the Jerusalem Academy of Music and Dance. Teaching composition, theory, harmony, and ear training at JAMD, and holds the position of The Head of The Cross-Disciplinary Composition Division at JAMD. 


He holds a Ph.D. in Composition from Bar Ilan University, with undergraduate and graduate degrees in Composition from the Jerusalem Academy of Music and Dance.


His works are published by the Israeli Music Institute and the Israeli Composers’ League.

Amit Weiner's Resume at JAMD website

A link to the full biography:

Scholarships and Awards


Israel Prime Minister Award for Composers 2022.

The most prestigious prize for composers in Israel


Amit Weiner's composition "Suite No. 1 - For Viola and Piano Songs of Hope, Sorrow and Frenzy" has been selected for the next publication of the SCI Journal of Music Scores.

More info here


Amit Weiner's composition "Anagram no. 2 - for solo piano" – has been chosen from hundreds of pieces from around the world, by the RMN International Call for Piano Solo Works.

The piece was chosen to be performed  by pianist Jelena Makarova, during the Contemporary Workshop Events in London, UK on November 2017.

More info here


Amit Weiner's composition "Suite for horn, tuba and piano" – has been chosen has been chosen to be performed at the SCI (Society of Composers Inc.) Conference VII, in Arizona State University, USA, on October 2017.

More info here


Amit Weiner's composition "At The Gates of Jerusalem"  has been chosen to be performed duting the Contemporary Music Festival in the University of Knoxville, Tennessee, USA, on October 2017.

Dr. Amit Weiner was also chosen to deliver a paper about the composer Arvo Part, during the festival.

More info here


Amit Weiner's composition "Rage Against the Piano" – a concertino for piano and 13 instruments, has won the 2nd Prize at the Alfred Schnittke International Composers Forum and Competition 2016, Lviv, Ukraine.

The piece was performed by KLKNewMusic, and will be published by Aldebaran Editions.

More info here


Amit Weiner's composition "Floating Fifths" has been chosen to be performed at the 2017 Florida International Toy Piano Festival.

The piece for toy piano, was chosen among hundreds of pieces around the world and will be performed on January 5th 2017, Florida, Usa. More info here

Read about Amit Weiner in the festival website


Amit Weiner's piece: Passacaglia Funebre (2015) For Viola da Gamba (Bass Viol) and Piano, won the 2015 VdG Call for Scores, Boston, USA.

The piece will be recorded and featured on a  CD devoted to new music for viola da gamba by violist da gamba: Andrew Arceci


Amit Weiner's piece At the Gates of Jerusalem  chosen to be performed during ITG Conference, Anaheim, California, June 2nd, 2016.

Trumpet: Fred Sienkiewicz. Piano: Amit Weiner


Amit Weiner's piece Pulsating Waves won the "15 Minutes of Fame" of ACL Malaysia, and has been premiered in Kyoto, Japan in a concert held on 31-5-2015.

A link to the concert details

Listen to the full concert


Weiner's piece If This is a Man? Won the Israeli / Irish project from the Irish section of ISCM, to be broadcast in the Israeli and Irish radio, a competition held by the Israeli Composers’ League. 


ACUM grant – Advancement Scholarship from the ACUM support fund for the encouragement and support of the Israeli composerfor the recording of an album of music written by Amit Weiner for the silent Jewish film “Breaking Home Ties”. 


The Jerusalem Academy of Music and Dance: Scholarship for Excellence in M.Mus. studies. 


America-Israel Cultural Foundation Scholarships for excellence in Composition. 


The Jerusalem Academy of Music and Dance: first prize for piano performance of an Israeli work Amit Weiner: “The Rain” for piano and alto voice).

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