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Collaborations, Interactive Media Projects, AR and VR Installations

The Hidden Place - Music for an AR (Augmented Reality) Project. 2022
Project by: John Alake. Music by: Amit Weiner

Villa Dei Misteri (2021)

Winner, Best Experimental Short, RevolutionME International Film Festival (NYC)
Winner, Best Sound Design, RevolutionME International Film Festival (NYC)
Semi Finalist, Best Short Fest (Ontario, Canada)
Nominated Best Narrative Short, Shortie Film Festival (NYC)
Official Selection, Monologues & Poetry International Film Festival (L.A.)
Official Selection, Opine Dance Film Festival (Philadelphia)
Official Selection, LA Independent Women Film Awards (Hollywood, CA)
Official Selection, Bloomsday Film Festival (Dublin, Ireland)
Official Selection, Austin DanceFilm Festival (Austin, TX)

Villa Dei Misteri is an experimental dance poetry film adapted from Paul Rabinowitz’ short story by Georgia Usborne. Villa dei Misteri depicts a memory revisited through words and movement, exploring a woman's relationship to self, space and time and the lenses of perception through which we see ourselves and others.


Based on the prose poem by Paul Rabinowitz
Adapted, choreographed and performed by: Georgia Usborne
Cinematography: Angelo Vasta
Original Score: Amit Weiner


Confessional is an experimental dance film noir that explores the impulse of attraction and subsequent crimes of the heart.

Winner, Jersey Shore Film Festival (Asbury Park, NJ)
Finalist, Oregon Short Film Festival (Portland, OR)

This video is making its rounds to festivals and is not available to the public at this time.

Directed and Choreographed by: Matilda Mackey
Written by: Paul Rabinowitz
Cinematographer: Tori Lawrence
Edited by: Makenna Finch
Performers: Matilda Mackey, Cayla Clarke and Sharon Goldfarb
Original Score: Amit Weiner

Confessional with awards.JPG

Midbar Installation Art

Midbar is an audio-visual interactive installation utilizing AR technologies.

Project by:
 Rachel Joy Weiss
Music and immersive sound design experience by: Amit Weiner


“In MidBar, the spectator will experience a 15-minute interactive adventure about immigration and relocation. The main goal is to invite the spectator to contemplate the complex hybrid identity of immigrants. In addition, the installation includes an intimate storytelling narrator experience that invites us to the artist’s world and creates a trajectory of guidelines in this installation.”

Rachel Joy Weiss




A piece commissioned by Peridance Contemporary Dance Company NYC - 2021 Season


Choreography: Igal Perry

Original Music: Amit Weiner 

Costumes: Erica Johnston
12 Dancers, 25 minutes

This work embodies the contradictions inherent in the motion of oceans, which attack and retreat and simultaneously separate and connect the lands they engulf. In line with its title, the work dares to be vast, powerful and ever-shifting, both turbulent and calm, using the entire company to flood the stage with rippling and crashing patterns.


Trailer for the piece "OCEANS"
8 Premieres in NYC in 2021

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