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REWIND: The Musician’s Blog
How to Grow Your Music Career

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After numerous years of people seeking my guidance with a multitude of questions, I've decided to launch this blog to offer you more insights:

Exploring the pathways to constructing a music career, delving into undergraduate studies in music, understanding the dynamics of creating music for films and trailers,

and unraveling the possibilities that come with a music degree - how to sustain oneself as a composer?

Navigating the realms of composition and musical arrangement studies, and providing an in-depth exploration of music for computer games, music libraries, and films, along with guidance on studying orchestration.

Who Am I?

 I am Dr. Amit Weiner, a composer and pianist, serving as the head of the multi-disciplinary composition department at the Jerusalem Academy of Music and Dance, acknowledged as one of the top ten departments globally in the field of multi-disciplinary composition.

I am genuinely passionate about teaching, sharing my knowledge, and drawing from my two decades of active composition experience.

Time truly flies when you're immersed in what you love! 😊

My music is published by companies such as Universal, Sony, Warner, Megatrax, and others.

Honored with the Prime Minister's Prize for Composers in 2022, the experience was immensely thrilling.

I hope you'll find enjoyment in the reading!

And, of course, don't hesitate to ask any questions! :)

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