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Maor Appelbaum - What Is Mastering And Why Is It So Important? An Interview With Mastering Engineer Maor Appelbaum

In this episode of the podcast, I had the opportunity to talk with mastering engineer Maor Appelbaum.

Maor works with the biggest names in the music industry; his credit list runs from Faith No More, Limp Bizkit, and Sepultura to Eric Gales and Yes.

We discussed in detail about:

- Communication with clients: How to communicate in the best way with the people you’re working with.

- The music industry community: How to be a part of it and stand out as a unique voice in the community.

- What mastering is and why it is so important.

- Mixing vs. mastering: The differences both holistically and technically.

- The Maor Appelbaum Mastering & Hendyamps THE OVEN – the hardware and the plugin.

- What are the differences between mastering on analog gear and with plugins?

In summary, it's a must-listen episode for all of you interested in mastering and audio engineering, as well as in career tips from Maor himself.

Let me know your thoughts in the comments! 👏

Here is the Spotify link to the podcast:


And the Apple Podcasts link:

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About the Author:

Amit Weiner is an award-winning composer and music producer with extensive experience in music production and composition for diverse media. Winner of Israel Prime Minister Award for Composers.

Amit Weiner enjoys an international multi-faceted career as a composer and a pianist. His experience growing up in the enchanted and versatile Jerusalem shaped his approach to music of different styles and genres.

Signed with Universal Music Group Amit has licensed over 1,000 tracks, which were featured in more than 5000 TV shows around the world, among them Netflix, HBO, BBC and FOX.

Amit Weiner's music focuses on intermingling traditional Jewish melodies and contemporary compositional techniques. These compositions have had over two hundred performances worldwide, including New York's Carnegie Hall and across the USA, the UK, Austria, Germany, Russia, Canada, China, Japan, Ukraine, Italy, Ireland, Malaysia, Nepal, Vietnam, Myanmar, Thailand, and Israel.

As a composer for films and TV he has composed three full length film scores, five theater plays, and many albums of Library Music (Production Music). Amit works as a composer with the biggest companies in the film industry such as Universal Production Music France, Warner/Chappell Music Group Production, Sonoton (Germany), Non Stop Music, Gothic Storm Music (UK), and more. His music and has been licensed and featured on films and TV in Japan the US, to Europe and China.

As a composer he is active in the fields of concert music, music for film, and popular music. His oeuvre includes over 40 chamber and orchestral works, among them three concertos for piano and orchestra, a number of orchestral works, chamber music, songs, and works for piano.


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