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Compositions for Piano


Antonio Vivaldi - Summer, Presto - 3rd Movement, Piano Arrangement


(2008) From The Four Seasons. Arrangement by Amit Weiner

But the sheet music at:


A new and detailed Sheet Music of this arrangement is now available - NOTE BY NOTE!


The sheet music of Vivaldi's Summer 3rd Movement - Piano arrangement, with BOTH ENDINGS:
The original ending, and the one with the Blue Note as seen on YouTube, is now available through PayPal
 at a special offer - only US$ 9.90!



Anagrams - Amit Weiner's Cycle of 12 Anagrams for piano solo:
 A cycle of 12 pieces for solo piano. 

Anagram no 1:



Anagram no 2:


Amit Weiner: Anagram No. 1 / Daniel Dascalu | Classix Festival 2020, Romania

Anagram no. 4

"Snow in Jerusalem - Etude for the Little Finger"

Pianist: Daniel Talmor

Composed by: Amit Weiner.

Recorded and mixed by Yaron Aldema at the Israeli Conservatory Tel Aviv 2018

3 Piano Miniatures for 4 Hands
(2008). 7' minutes.
Prelude, Fuge and Ostinato for Piano

(1999 – revised 2009). 11' minutes

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