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Alternating Echoes

(2017) A Concertino for Percussion and Orchestra

8' minutes.

Commissioned by the Jerusalem Symphony Orchestra

celebrating its eightieth anniversary year

Rage Against the Piano

(2016) Concertino for piano and 13 instruments.

6:30 minutes.

The piece has won the 2nd Prize at the Alfred Schnittke International Composers Forum and Competition 2016, Lviv, Ukraine.


Performance at Lviv, Ukraine by the Lemberg Sinfonietta:

Score version:

In the Land of OZ

(2016) Suite for two orchestras.

8' minutes.

This piece was commissioned by Maestro Chen Zimbalista and The Jerusalem Symphony Orchestra in 2016, for the "Young Symphony" concert series.

Performance at Jerusalem, Israel by the Jerusalem Symphony Orchestra:

Nigunim Nigudim

(2013) (arrangement for Oleg Bogod's piece) a concerto for Saxophone and a large wind orchestra.

12' minutes.

Commissioned by "Hassadna" Conervatoire, Jerusalem. 

Performance at Jerusalem, Israel by the Jerusalem Symphony Orchestra:

Scenes from the life of an Anti Her

(2011) A piano concerto for a large orchestra.

40' minutes.

…Und After Babylon

(2010) For Chamber Orchestra and Live Electronics

11' minutes.

Commissioned by The Revolution Orchestra.

Jerusalem Lights

(2007) Concerto for Clarinet, Piano, and Chamber Orchestra

Commissioned by the Israeli Holiday music festival, ministry of education.

1st Chapter:

2nd Chapter:

3rd Chapter:

The Storyteller – 100 Years of Solitude

(2006) For an Orchestra and a Narrator.

30' minutes.

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